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Hector Hernandez, Jr. is a licensed attorney in Texas who practices primarily in Hidalgo County.

A Rio Grande Valley native, Hector has fought for everything he has.  Like many of you, he has endured hardships and setbacks in his life.  He knows what it is to not have enough money to pay bills and to have a loved one in jail.  Those experiences, along with the good ones, have molded him into the man he is today.  He speaks the truth and fights for what is right.


Hector Hernandez, Jr. served as an Assistant Criminal District Attorney in Hidalgo County, Texas, for approximately 8 years.  He handled thousands of criminal cases ranging from misdemeanor DWIs to Capital Murder felonies.

During his time in the courtroom, Hector saw too many defense attorneys do very little while defending their clients.  You are innocent until proven guilty!  The prosecutors already have the police helping them to send you to prison; they do not need the help of your attorney.